Saturday, May 30, 2009

To Refill or Not to Refill: Story One

This is the official starbucks refill policy:
Customer must have original cup/ personal cup. Drink must have been purchased within 60 minutes. AND the drink must have been consumed in store. This holds true for coffee, iced coffee, and iced teas.

Only not many people are aware of our refill policy because of the other starbucks.

Granted most of the time I dont argue with people because it is simply not worth it, and most customers I know are regulars come in like 4 or 5 times a day so whatever, want a refill I wont argue. Does this effect our sales? yes. But just say yes right?

I dont feel like saying yes all the time. This incident happened at work yesterday (surprisingly today was so pleasant I have NOTHING to gossip about).

So yesterday this man comes in with a cup asking for a refill. I am not on register, I am floating, helping grab pastries, double barring when there are too many drinks, and getting hot coffees and teas.

And this is what went down.

SC = soggy cup man
V = yours truly

Now let me explain what a "soggy cup" is. Our regular hot cups are able to be refilled like 3x before they start getting soggy, and a dark mark around the lining on the inside. So obviously I am guessing this man has abused the refill policy a few too many times, especially with his sense of entitlement tone.


V = hello how are you?

SC = Refill.

V = ok sir one refill coming right up, (but as i take the cup i feel the well... soggyness.) Um... sir... did you purchase this cup of coffee here today?

SC = no. *slams briefcase on counter* I got it at the other starbucks.

V = ok sir well i cant give you a refill on this then youre going to have to pay the full price and you can get a cup discount.

SC = but at the other starbucks....

V =*cuts him off... i know im rude but i didnt have time for this* sir this is a corporate policy, they were doing you a favor at the other starbucks.

SC = *looks like he might want to strangle me but doesnt* FINE, BUT GIVE ME A FRESH CUP NOW.

V = Yes sir!


Im soooo sick of people abusing this policy. Because it really adds up, just because someone may know you at the other starbucks and let you use your cup 10x to get refills for free with your registered starbucks card does not mean you can expect that at every store.

This is what I hate SO MUCH about the other starbucks. THEY RUIN CONSISTENCY!

Even though I dont follow the policy, because we have a lot of office people I let them know hey if you come back ill give you the refill on me even though you are supposed to be in the store.

Because hey I can be nice like that, but at least they know then THIS IS NOT WHAT I SHOULD EXPECT this is a TREAT.


I was talking about this encounter with another one of the shift managers at the store and she went on about how her second customer of the day (she is an opener, I am a closer) came in and demanded a refill and shes like dude... ive only been open 5 minutes and you were not here! and the guy gave her a hard time... BECAUSE OF THE OTHER STARBUCKS.

twelve hour shift tomorrow. Im sure an amazing story will come out of that!



  1. OMG I so have a story about a refill.
    Customer comes in with a double cup. She takes the inner cup out and asks me to throw it away and give her a new second cup because she always gets a double cup that way she can have a fresh cup when she gets a refill. I then said ma'am you haven't been in here all morning, so you didn't buy this coffee in here (in the mean time she has handed me her starbucks card which is registered) She said yeah so. I then say, well you can't get a refill, you can buy the coffee and I will give you a cup discount and then you can come back in an hour and I will give you a refill. She looks at me as if I am speaking gibberish and says whatever, I just want a refill, and it's free because it's registered. I then explain to her again that no, she is not getting a refill because she has to buy the drink first and you get a refill within an hour. And then she tells me do whatever I just want a refill. I tell her it's going to be $1.75. She says I don't want it if you are going to make me pay for it. I sigh and say thats fine I'll just take that and dump it out. She then tells me that I am wrong and the manager told her she could get free refills. I told her that I am the manager and I am sorry she was misguided and she thought she found a loop hole that allotted her free refills for life but that's not going to happen at my store.

    Ahh people and their refills. It drives me up the wall. Pay for the damn drink!

  2. Dang Val, from the way ya slice it, sure seems like The Other Starbucks is causin' more trouble to Starbucks employees like yerself than anythin' else! Ya gotta get yerself up to those other places 'n start snarkin' em up no-mercy-like. Frankly, I'll bet ya can kill 'em with a smile!

    Can't wait ta hear 'bout what went down on that twelve-hour shift!