Friday, May 15, 2009

So weird not working...

I have not had this many days off in I dont know how long. I feel like a mother (or what I imagine a mother feels like)... filled with anxiety because im sure someone will mess up the organization I try to keep in my store... and the cleanliness... are the drains being cleaned? do they remember to sweep UNDER the counters?

ok val. breathe. this was a much needed break to celebrate my coming of legal drinking age!

Being back in my hometown, visiting my old two stores brings back a lot of memories. Confrontations with customers when I was younger... and not a supervisor so I cared less about the things I said to customers because I knew my supervisor and corporate would baby them and let them get away with what they were doing EVEN THOUGH IT IS WRONG.

My second store was in one of the richest suburban areas, a drive thru and soccer moms in their SUVs loved to try and pull one over on us all the time with stories about "the other starbucks."

"the other starbucks does not charge me for soymilk because they know i am lactose intolerant"

"the other starbucks doesnt charge me for a venti price because I only want one shot"

"the other starbucks doesnt make it like that"

"the other starbucks knows my drink why dont you?"

I can not even tell you how much I HATE the "other" starbucks. and everytime someone says those three dreadful words I am tempted to say which one? because I will make sure to call them and tell them they are not following the proper standards.

Part of the ironic beauty of starbucks is that you are supposed to have consistency with your beverage wherever you go. Prices in different states vary but if you are getting a venti drink with one shot of espresso you do not get charged for a tall because im still putting in the extra dairy which is $$$$$$$. If your other starbucks charges you differently they are doing it as a courtesy, it is NOT the standard.

I hated it so much when stores dont follow standards, and then I get people mad at me because I am charging them the price I am supposed to. WHen I was a barista here the customer would always want to speak to the manager, and thus won with a cautionary "we will do it for you just this once." Bullshit, they are going to pull this over everywhere and when you think about it the store looses money.

Now that I am a shift supervisor stuff like that does not fly in my DC store. I do ask who the other starbucks is because chances are I know the manager and I am sure they would love to know how their baristas are making their store loose money.

I understand pampering and delighting our frequent customers every once in a while, but it is important to say, hey this extra shot/soy milk/ syrup /upgrade in size is on me today. This way they dont expect it at other stores.

Most dont... but there are the few crazies... which I attract, who are certain I am wrong and they are right.


Better post tomorrow: the flaws with the "just say yes" theory and "the customer is always right" theory

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  1. Oh Val, yer writin' is amazin'! I love this -- it's a small treatise on human nature through the lens of a Starbucks Barista! As for "The Customer is Always Right" -- oh my goodness, don't even get me started, I think that's the worst of all possible business maxims, and proof that we do not live in the best of all possible universes.

    Keep on postin' and I'll keep on throwin' in my point oh-two dollars!

    The Trumplebum