Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pay for one, get two? Not if you are a bitch!

The weather is getting warm. It was absolutely beautiful in DC today! Warm with a nice cool breeze.

Business was steady/slow. I was actually having a really great day until some lady decided I was the most incompetent human on earth.

Two person deployment. Barista on register and myself on bar.

B = BITCH lady who tried to pull one over on me.
R= register partner, she is deciding on a proper alias but R it is for now.
V= me, who doesnt fall for this trick.

and this is what went down.

R= Hi ma'am how are you today?
B= Iced grande skim latte.
V= Ok ma'am Ill have your iced grande skim latte ready in just a moment.
R= your total is x.xx
B= (throws dollars on counters and exact change on counter. pennies are flying)
R= enjoy and have a nice day...

granted R was not as sincere with that last enjoy have a nice day because well who liked money thrown at them. we have hands we hold our hands out in a way that most social people know equals money is placed in hand, not under the hand on the counter, or thrown on the counter. especially pennies and coins. its such a fucking hassle to pick those up when they fly off the counter, under the cabinets.

but whatever. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. maybe her kids didnt give her a mothers day present.

V= are you enjoying the weather? (waiting the 19 seconds for the shots to pull into the drink)
B= (says nothing, looks directly at me and taps her hand impatiently on the counter).
V= ok ma'am here is your iced grande skim latte
B= no it is not, this is not my skim latte
V= yes ma'am that is your iced grande skim latte
B= NO IT IS NOT I WANT IT IN ONE OF THOSE CUPS (cavewoman point to hot cups)
V=ohhh you wanted a hot grande skim latte?
V= i apologize ma'am i thought I heard you say iced...

(at this point i am genuinely sincere i do mishear things at times, but i know this lady said iced and realized her mistake as she saw the iced drink. a lot of people do that. they apologize but this lady... this is so hard to describe...)


and as she says this... i wish i had a picture to show you... but lets just imagine the face you would make if i handed you a drink with a dirty band-aid in it. that is the kind of face she made. It was like the ice might kill her, it was unsanitary... that was the look she had. and me? I was the one with three heads cause who would EVER drink iced lattes when the weather is so gorgeous?

V= ok i apologize ma'am it will take me just a few more seconds to steam some fresh skim milk for you though and you will have your hot skim latte.

B= (huge end of the world sigh and more tapping on the handoff plane.)

funny part is i notice she is starting to slowly move that "incorrect" iced grande skim latte closer and closer to her... hmm interesting.

V= (holds on to the hot drink) ma'am here is your grande skim latte, would you mind handing back that drink you didnt want to me?

B= (tries to grap hot drink out of my hand) no its ok for all this inconvenience i think i will give this one to my husband waiting outside.

V= ok that will be x.xx


V= which is exactly why im asking you to give me back that iced drink so i can hand you this hot drink. you paid for one drink ma'am therefore you receive one drink. would you like the hot one or the cold one?

B= (reluctantly hands over iced drink)

V= (i hand her the hot drink i was holding hostage and then i pour the iced latte down the drain, apparently she saw it and proceeded to throw a hissy fit because her husband could have drank that.)

but see the thing is... usually i will give messed up drinks away because throwing them away is more work for me and i like making my job easier. but this lady was pulling the old switcheroo trick. say one thing to the register partner and tell the bar partner one thing. Which for some people is an honest mistake, but for people like this lady.. it was deliberate. she wanted to pay for one drink and walk out with two drinks, one for her and one for her husband.

I know this trick like the back of my hand, the teenagers I used to serve every friday night in my new york starbucks did this.

sorry this shit doesnt fly with me.

its called capitalism baby, you pay for a product you receive that product.
the fucking end of story.

will she file a complaint? yes and corporate will baby her because i didnt "just say yes" and let the customer have what she wanted. but id rather waste dairy then have that woman walk out with a four dollar drink for free thinking she can pull this shit over at other stores. Im setting an example! doing something good!


PS happy mothers day readers

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  1. Bwa-hahaa! Way to keep cool-headed while under pressure! Very nice way to handle this situation, especially the whole "You paid for one, you get one" and "It looked like there was a band-aid in the coffee!" Heehe, this is great, I think I'm subscribin'!