Monday, May 11, 2009

You Keep it Up Sweetie!

Ok guys. I know how much the negative stories are sooooo fun and by far outnumber the positive ones. but I had to blog about this lady that literally made my day.

Two person deployment in a totally unexpected blackout.

Z= register person
V= me!
B= the lovely lady in blue

and this is how it went down.

i have a line of twenty drinks. i do not lie i counted. and for every drink i put out one was added. were they getting their drinks in three minutes? no. was i giving out recovery coupons? no. why? because as flustered as having twenty drinks needing to be made by uptight business individuals... I can usually diffuse a situation in a great way. that and I can anticipate the amount of milk etc needed so basically i multitask.

but i also have special powers.
I use adjectives that make grumpy people smile!

V= OK I have a delicious skinny vanilla latte coming right up as soon as this fresh skim milk is steamed. and then ill have an iced tall passion tea lemonade, extra shaken for extra love!

B= *smiles* i cant wait for my delicious skinny vanilla latte

V= *GENUINELY smiles back* well let this be our little secret but i threw in a little extra love to make it super delicious! and here you go ma'am enjoy your beverage and have a fabulous day!

B= *places sleeve and splash stick in her drink* you know, not many people can handle such a line like this and keep a smile, i know a lot of people must get stressed but you keep it up sweetie!

V= well ma'am i could not do it without understanding customers like you! but once i get in my groove i can pump these drinks out fast and delicious. (im still calling out drinks and making them as i am having this conversation)

B= well i dont want to distract you further but you are doing such a great job hun thanks for this it is absolutely delicious just like you said.

V= not a distraction at all ma'am, my name is Valerie and it was my pleasure to serve and talk to you today, I hope to see you soon!

She made me smile. which was the perfect way to end my last shift in 10 days. I will be on vacation in new york. but never fear readers I will have some interesting old stories to share. and when i visit other starbucks locations, the one i dont work at i love harassing customers giving the baristas a hard time, because i can because technically they dont know me.

that will be our little secret!

caffinated love and kisses,

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  1. That's wonderful, I'm glad that there are such nice people out there in this world. I typically don't drink much of that starbuxx brew-ha-hah, but when I do I try to always be polite to the folks who's makin' the sweet sweet confections! (especially those who do so with extra love!)