Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just Plain Stupid?

Ahh readers whilst on a cleaning frenzy at Starbucks I have encountered yet anther.... wtf? customer... and im not sure whether to say they are slow... or just plain stupid.

Like the girl yesterday who asked if ICED teas were cold... this woman asked me an equally stupid question as I was cleaning the walls by the condiment bar (because you know customers can make coffee splash as high as the ceiling when adding milk and sugar. Im not sure how but they do).

Anyways I had just brought out some fresh carafes of milk (you know those silver thermos things). Which said slow/stupid lady saw.

Mind you when I bring it out the screw tops on the top are well screwed on because I dont want milk everywhere, also whenever someone is cleaning the lobby they have to make sure they are securely closed because that preserves the temperature.

Milk above 41 degrees. Not yummy!

So as I put the carafes out this is what went down...

SS = Slow/stupid?

V = val, slightly high off the cleaning fumes


SS = (picks up the carafe I just put down and proceedes to try to pour milk into her iced coffee only she cant because well it is closed) Uh you put an empty one out here. (yes there was attitude and snark in her voice)

V = (using the kill with kindness voice, also the voice you use to talk to three year olds) Thats because you have to open it ma'am like it says on the top... see it says turn.

SS = WELL THEY SHOULD MAKE IT MORE VISIBLE. (storms out leaving a mess of 17 sugar packets... yes i counted them)


more visible... how is it not visible. it clearly says turn with an aarrow pointing left (you know just in case some people didnt learn "lefty loosy righty tighty")

Also... how can you think it is empty. Those full carafes easily weigh like.... I dont know whatever half a gallon weighs like.

Sigh... sorry readers but I think part of my brain leaked onto the floor as a result of the conversation.

I always knew this job would lead me to lower my IQ, not because its retail... but because of the customers that make you go WTF?!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?!?


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  1. Bwahahahaha! Oh my gosh, first of all, that reminded me of this one time I was workin' in an office doin' some low-wage earnin' stuff when I was just a kid. And I had to bring coffee to folks, and I dropped a cup on the floor, and I swear ta god, that shit shot straight up 'n stained the celin's which had to be like, 10 feet high or sometin'! Crazy!

    And the "lefty loosey" oh my, haven't heard that in forever!

    And somehow I'm not surprised that ya counted all those packets and remembered the *exact* number. You got a sharp memory, always rememberin' precisely what these whackos ordered to a tee. Amazin'.

    Thanks for postin', this makes my evenin'!