Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Inaugural Post

Lets start with the basics:

I have been with Starbucks Coffee Company for FOUR years.
I have worked at four different stores, in two different states.
I currently work at a Starbucks on my college campus.
I am a shift supervisor.

But most importantly...

I love and hate my job because of the customers.

There are a handful of customers that I consider a part of my life. We have conversations, we talk about their work, they ask me how school is going. They are polite and they say I make them smile, and that makes me smile.

And then... there are the fucking asshole customers.

My manager says I am charismatic and legendary.
She also says I attract the craziest customers in her ten years of working with this company she has never seen so many assholes.

So clearly, I am awesome, but CERTAIN people suck!

Lets give a scenario like today:

Today I came on the floor for an hour on my day off because they were short handed. Line wrapped around the store, three person deployment.

1 fast register partner + 2 fast baristas double barring = people getting their drink in 3 minutes.

ONLY IF customers follow what we call "calling the line"

And this is what went down.

V = Valerie Verona, yours truly.
C = ass hole college kid

V was in a groove, connecting with customers, saying "Hi how are you?" getting a response and then asking "and what can I get for you today sir/ma'am?" C was with another college student, a girl. we had a pleasant transaction, so now I turn my attention to C.

V = "Hi sir how are you today?"
C = (has conversation with girl he is with)
V = "Sir, hi are you going to be placing an order today?"
C = (continues conversation but gives me a nod)
v = "sir with the young lady that just ordered a tall skinny vanilla latte, are you having a drink"
C = shakes head no
V = "ok well have a nice day, next customer in line Hi how are you today?''

etc etc etc.

all of a sudden I see C paying at the register, then walking to the bar he yells "girl making the drinks I want an iced black tea"

Ok, so I mark the cup and put it to the end of the line, which is about 15 cups.

as I am making drinks he is huffing and puffing....

V = "sir is something wrong?"
C = "you shouldnt talk to customers this way"
V ="im sorry im not quite sure what you mean?"
C = "yelling across the store is rude."
V = "I apologize you feel that way, it is just our way of making sure that everyone gets their drinks in a timely order. you probably have class to go to and people have work to go to. We are just trying to be efficient."
C = "whatever, you should not talk to me like that, and where is my drink I just ordered it"
V = "sir unfortunately I have about 10 drinks ahead of yours, but it should not take that long"
C = "well why cant I have mine now I paid and my friend already got hers"
V =" yes she got hers because she placed her order when I asked her, I took other orders after her and now their drinks come before yours"
C = "whatever bitch just hurry up"
V = "sir respect works both ways in this store, I can either give you a refund now and make you leave or you can wait for your drink without cursing at me"
C =" I want to see your manager"
V = "you are talking to the manager on duty"
C = "whatever"

and he waited.

Meanwhile there was a girl waiting for her drink who was ahead of him and she was lingering around. we will call her MMD, for made my day.

V = "miss did I mess up your drink?"
MMD = "no no no its perfect, I just had some time to kill and wanted that guy to leave so I could tell you what a fucking ass, youre doing an amazing job girl, you have a positive attitude and handled that situation perfectly."


So now, as my own form of therapy....
I need to gossip about customers,
(the ones that suck, and the ones that make me smile.)
I need to bitch about the supid decisions corporate is making.
I need to highlight what corporate is doing right (rare but does exist).

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