Thursday, June 4, 2009

To Refill or Not to Refill: Story Two

Sorry darlings, it has been a while since I have posted. I just got over a nasty sinus infection and frankly spent most of my time high off pseudophedrine HCL. Boy that stuff makes you loopy.

A quick refill story.

This man comes in probably 5x a day with an iced venti cup and he wants an iced coffee refill with 30 pumps of classic syrup in it. He has a registered starbucks card, which means his refills are free.

Lately I have been thinking about the math. If he gets five free refills he is screwing my store out of approximately 15$ a day. 15 x 5 workdays a week = 75$ a week. = 300$ a month.

You get my point.

The refill policy explicitly states ONE refill. not unlimited refills.

and this is what went down.

RS = man with the ridiculously sweet iced coffee
V = me
R = register partner


V = hey R, when that guy asks for a refill tell him he can only get one refill a day, that is the policy, so he needs to pay full price. (i had already given him two since my shift started at 12pm, and who knows if that was yesterdays cup).

(few minutes pass as the line goes down, and sure enough he asks for a refill)

RS = refill, and (points to me) tell her to make it sweeter than she did last time.

V = (since I didnt like his tone I decided to step in) im sorry sir you will not get the refill price on this one, because you have already had two free ones today with your card and the policy is only one.

RS = but i come here every day

(his face was priceless, like DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I COME HERE EVERYDAY... yes i know who you are... that does not mean you are exempt from policies)

V = I understand sir, and I have already given you two refills today, by not following the policy my store looses money.

RS = WELL FORGET IT THEN! (storms out)


well thank goodness. because now i didnt have to count 40 pumps of classic into his iced coffee. But I bet he complains. They always do... because policy? why do we bother following those?


  1. That's almost 1,000 calories in syrup!!! Let's throw some whip on there for good measure.

  2. Just say yes...even if you lose money! I hate it

  3. Goodness gracious I hope I never hafta work at a Starbucks. Sounds like naught but small children in adult bodies come in there lookin' for all sortsa free handouts. But you make it sound so amusin'!

    Sorry ta hear about yer sinus infection there, Val. Ya know what they say -- 30 pumps of classic syrup make the medicine go down! Bwa-hahah!