Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh Teenagers...

This will be a quickie as I am about to get ready to go to my internship.

So yesterday was a nice quiet yet steady day at Starbucks, great for meeting our budget and great for my sanity, until a teenage girl came in with a group of her friends wanting frapuccinos. Which is fine i'm used to these rushes, and since it was a calm day I was up for making 7 different kinds in a timely manner.

What I was not ready for was this:

G: Bleach Blond Valley Girl (im sorry I hate to stereotype but it was like she was out of the old school Beverly Hills 90210 ditzy Donna Martin)

V: me of course

And this is what went down...


V= (after taking 7 frappuccino orders)... Hi miss can I get something started for you?

G= um........... um........ like... are the iced teas cold?

Now readers, you need to understand I was trying so hard not to bang my head against the wall because ICED is a key word in there and while technically there are "no stupid questions" im going to revoke her privileges on this.

V= (looks at menu to make sure it said iced teas before I answered in the sweetest voice possible) Yes sweetie thats why they are called ICED teas.

G= Oh ok I was just making sure you know?


no i totally DO NOT KNOW. how do you order an iced tea and expect something other than a cold beverage. I wish I could say this girl was doing it as a joke but I believe firmly she was just that ditzy because her friends laughed at her and I almost felt bad.

But hey maybe she was doing it to get the attention from the two teenage boys... who seemed to think her question was adorable. Playing dumb to get attention for boys = me not feeling so bad for her.

Well she was a pleasant customer, stupidity aside. And she personally came back up to thank me for making such a delicious iced passion tea lemonade.

You know... that cold, ICED drink we offer clearly labeled as such on the menu.


  1. There are in fact stupid questions. a stupid question. It makes me cry inside for the future of humanity.


  2. I don't rightly know whether to laugh or die a lil' inside... Dang.

    Well, Val, you seemed to handle it cool and kindly, as you so often do. Gosh you got the patience of a saint, woman! Don't know how ya do it...

  3. Trust me. I have almost no patience. My brain explodes inside because I knew if I acted the way I want to act I would have been fired!!