Friday, May 8, 2009

No I Want YOU to Make my Drink NOW

Apologies for the almost week long absence. Pesky finals got in the way and blogging time was axed in favor of studying.

But now that the summer is here off to some lovely stories about customers wanting delicious cold beverages in a timely fashion.


Three minutes. That is the rule, from when you enter the store to when you receive the drink the time elapsed is supposed to be three minutes.

Granted this does not always happen during blackouts. But the tale I am about to tell took place no where near a black out....

And this is how it went down...

three person deployment, all managers coincidentally.
Store manager was on the floor making backups and doing cold beverages if called
another shift supervisor was on bar making mocha since there was some down time.
and yours truly was the register partner, turning over the pastry case.

All of a sudden three people walk in. COOL. we were all getting bored so we were happy to entertain some customers. FIrst and second customers were pleasant and ordered one cold beverage and one bar beverage. Which for deployment sake means my store manager and the shift supervisor were each making one beverage.

Third customer was pleasant... until he got fussy for no good reason.

Lets call him SBM for stupid business man.
V of course is me, yours truly.

V= Hi, sir how are you today?
SBM= I want a tall black tea .... cold
V=ok one iced tall black iced tea. coming right up x.xx is your total, have a great day!
SBM= (silence)

so since store manager and other shift supervisor are finishing off drinks I go back to the pastry case, since there is no need to double bar or double cold beverage station when there are THREE drinks and TWO very fast people making them.

V= (starts putting cookies on a tray)
SMB= I need you to go and make my iced tea
V= (looks over) sir yours is next, my manager is finishing putting a top on that vivanno and then she will start your drink.
SMB= but you have to make it now im late for my meeting.
V= sir your drink will be up shortly. the young lady ordering the vivanno was ahead of you so we have to make hers first and now as you can see my manager is shaking your iced tea.
SBM= (huffs and puffs)


if you were late for a meeting why did you come to starbucks? you got your drink in under TWO minutes.

Why do some people feel such a sense of entitlement that their drink needs to come first.

I have had my fair share of college students complaining because they arent getting their drinks fast enough and are going to be late to class.

I also have had people who are illegally parked outside demand their beverages faster because HELLO I AM ILLEGALLY PARKED MAKE MY CHAI FASTER!!!!

unfortunately there is no magic button that makes milk steam faster, or the blender blend faster.


My favorite super entitled customer happened to be a mother that I encountered on my first week on bar (ahh the days when I was sixteen)

I was taking a little extra time making a nice pattern on a caramel macchiato when all of a sudden.....

BM = Bad mother
V= moi!

V= what.... why would you leave your baby in the car?

granted I was sixteen. the customer is always right I should not have questioned a mothers decision to leave a baby unattended in the car running. and my former manager scolded me for that.

But seriously?
you left your baby.
in the car.
to get a drink.
and then you yell at me?

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