Friday, May 1, 2009

Apparently I should watch the calories.

In four years I have had my fair share of awesome, fun, annoying, shitty and predictable customers. But never have I encountered such an interaction before.

Said person comes in at 3pm every day.

T = taxi cab driver custimer
V = yours truly

and this is what went down....

V = Hi sir how are you today?
T = grande skim no foam latte
V = ok sir coming right up!

one thing that annoys me about this individual. I cant stand when I genuinely say hi to this man every time he comes in and instead of saying Hi back he just jumps into his drink order. but whatever.

V = here you go sir here is your grande skim no foam latte. enjoy and have a great day!

meanwhile.... I am making myself a quad con panna with caramel sauce... this is after I have already handed T his drink and he is lingering around the hand off plane putting a sleeve and splash stick in his drink.... and as I am making the perfect cross hatch pattern on my delicious beverage he has the nerve to say.......

T = WOAH WOAH WOAH you need to watch the calories!!!!

now. granted, I am not a stick. I am of an average weight. I have curves. And even if I was the most obese woman on the earth how dare you tell me in a patronizing voice that I need to watch the calories?


This man is lucky I did not throw the caramel bottle at him. I was PMSing after all. but all I did was smile and say...

V = I like to treat myself, im not a big calorie counter im comfortable with my body

and guess what he did? this ass rolled his eyes at me.

I know I am going to start a huge riot by saying this but every time I serve this man from now on, he will be getting decaf.

Sweet revenge.

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