Thursday, June 11, 2009

Am I The Pretentious One?

Today multiple customers pushed my buttons, (although that is typical on any nine hour shift). Most of them had to do with acting like I was ripping them off because of our prices.

Do customers honestly think I randomly generate those prices on the menu? I can see wanting to talk about the economy and lightly joking that all your money goes to starbucks but that was not the case today.

Today it was as if I was begging people to spend their hard earned money on what they deemed was not even worth it.


"I cant believe you charge seven dollars for two cups of coffee that are not even that good"

well actually its seven dollars for sugary espresso concoctions. Which anyone can tell you milk costs a lot, thus milk + espresso is more expensive than a cup of coffee which will cost you 2.04 in DC.

And while I have not been to McDonalds lately, I am guessing ours is not much more than theirs.

"I just want a small cup of coffee, small... whatever YOU call it. small coffee and im not paying fivebucks for it... haha get it fivebucks starbucks?"

Im not stupid. I know tall means small. And really I love feeling patronized with the heightened emphasis on "whatever YOU call it." Please make me feel inferior before I help you, oh deserving customer.


Most of my interactions with the pretentious customers who made it seem like I am pretentious fell into one of the above two categories.

I wish I could say one of these things to them. But instead I bite my tongue and smile, why? my manager was watching, otherwise I was in a mood where I would have said "well you didnt get a cup of coffee you got a cup of sugar and milk" to the first customer. and "wow ive never heard that one before" to the second customer.

I swear my eye was twitching the entire shift.


Helpful pieces of advice....

  1. retail employees do not make the prices. its just stupid to think so.
  2. complaining about prices to retail employees does not solve anything. if you are pressed to have a meanful conversation, talk about the weather.
  3. if you cant afford starbucks coffee then DONT buy it! or better yet MAKE IT AT HOME!!!

A lot of people may disagree with my opinions because well if we all had that attitude we probably would halve our customer base. But it is true! If you are trying to be frugal why would you spend 15$ a day getting the same venti white mocha three times a day? I cant feel sympathy for you when you do that!!!!

(mostly because when my mother told me she would not give me money for my starbucks addiction when I was fifteen I got a job at starbucks to pay for it. and now four years later, after monthly payments of college tuition, the cabel bill, and rent I still have enough money to set aside for my addiction).


p.s. readers, my grandmother may be reading this site very soon when she figures out how to "download" it onto her computer, so I am going to make an effort to curse less, as it offends her eyes.


  1. You go, girl! What patience you have! They're not worth having your eyes twitch! I could never do it. And I agree, if they don't have the money, why walk into a Starbucks to begin with.

  2. I wonder if people who complain about prices at Starbucks eat out anywhere else? Their prices seem in the range of normal. At some point Starbucks will find the happy equilibrium between customers and prices, but as prices get tweeked it causes a little tension. You could always tell your customers to visit and I will be the first one to comment on their thread telling them they pay for great quality service, coffee, and ethical coffee sourcing, and that prices are competitively priced!! LOL! Keep up your good work!