Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Line: Yeah it is Pretty Much a BIG Deal

I was shopping today after work and had an encounter I had with a woman at payless shoe store reminded me of an old story.

There was one woman being rung up. A woman standing by the jewelry section four feet away from the register. And me standing three feet behind the woman being rung up. As said woman being rung up picks up her bag and leaves, I do what society expects when you are standing in line... I move up to pay for my shoes.... but it was not that simple...

Apparently the woman looking at jewelry was there first! because she decided the line should move in that direction (a direction which blocks one of the two entrances to the store). The way I was standing is how the line normally goes, because it does not block any entrances, that and I had about five people behind me so I guess they followed my version of the line rather than hers.

Anyway she practically pushes my shoes aside off the counter saying she was first. And me, still in polite mode from my eight hour shift lets this bitch walk all over me. I ACTUALLY APOLOGIZED and said "Im sorry ma'am I did not know you were in line since you were looking at jewelry."

And she succinctly ended the conversation with "WELL I WAS FIRST."

How charming.

Little did she know the register worker and I had a nice time talking about her as she left and I snapped out of my polite mode. Turns out the register worker had previously worked at starbucks too but left it because it was too stressful.

Maybe I should work at payless... nah just kidding.

Anyways... On to the story about the very angry man.


It was an hour until the store closed... so the pace was really slow. Since it was slow I took the opportunity to leave the bar partner alone out front while I quickly ran into the back to do some dishes. As I am doing dishes I keep an eye on the moniter that displays what all of our cameras up front see. When I turn around I notice two people waiting, so I run back up front.

and this is what went down.

M = a man
AM = an angry man
B = bar partner
V = yours truely


V = (I walk up to my register and whisper) hey B, did you get their drinks?

B = yup I got both of them.

V = (at this point I assumed they were together since they were standing two feet apart, side by side, not one in front of the other like you normally do in you know a line). Ok what were you gentleman having today?

M = I had x y and z. (I dont remember what he had)

V = ok and what was he having?

M = oh we are not together.

V = oh ok! Your total comes out to be x.xx sir.

(money have a nice night etc etc etc, meanwhile AM is stewing over in the corner now by the newspapers, giving dirty glares to me and M)

V = Hi sir, can I help you with something?

AM = well I guess now ill pay for my drink (sarcastic tone that of course I can pick up on because I am the queen of sarcasm)

V = um ok.... and what did you order today?

AM = tall latte.

V = ok that will be x.xx

AM = (as he is fishing out his dollars and change, his sarcasm and shaking of the head led him to spit out this comment) Just so you know. I was first.

V = (taken aback... if you were first why didnt you say so, why did you let someone else walk ahead of you?) Im sorry sir I did not know that, I assumed when that man stepped forward that you were either ordering together or that he was first.

AM = (slams exact change and dollard on counter) YEAH WELL I WAS FIRST.

V = again... sorry sir...

AM = (gives me a look that makes me feel like im a disgrace for not being psychic)


Um... yeah.... Seriously?

I remember after he walked out the door B started laughing... and I... was just at a loss for words.

Look forward to hearing what you have to say readers!!!
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  1. From the way ya were describin' it, I coulda sworn they were a... couple. Heh. Ya know, pappa bear and his cub orderin' some tasty confections to take back to the love-nest.

    Or they coulda been friends. The angry guy didn't make any indication that he was first? Not in his face, not in his posture?


    I swear Val, I'm gonna start goin' to Starbucks just to people watch, and I'mma trip all the bastards on their way out the door!

  2. My favorite is always the people who throw money at you as they walk out the door yelling "I'm just getting a paper!" I hate that. Or when they come to me, on bar, asking if they could order their drink because they don't want to wait in that long line. But, my personal all time favorite, a customer orders his drink (there were literally about 20 drinks ahead of him) Can you hurry up? My movie starts in 10 minutes. My quick witted response? Well sir, God only gave me 2 hands and I am moving as fast as they allow me. He then apologized.

    Val, You are just too nice to these people. You need to get sassy :)

  3. @ trumplebum
    I thought they were a couple too. but AM made no indication whatsoever that he was first. they both had blank stares until M stepped forward.

    @just another coffee pushing mama
    haha i can sooo relate. one of the stores i used to work in was in the parking lot of a movie theater. and on opening nights we were always jam packed. but at this store i often get college kids saying BUT LIKE OMG MY CLASS IS STARTING IN 5 minutes!

    then you should have woke up 5 minutes earlier. thats what i do... so i have my coffee and class. on time.

    and I would get sassy, but government people complain. A LOT. so it is almost not worth it.