Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Guest Post: Java Jane's Encounter with Crazy Mocha Lady

First Guest Post!!! So excited, although not about Java Jane's encounter with a crazy customer. Although it is pretty safe to say anyone who has worked a day in retail has a crazy story to tell.

Java Jane writes...


This took place about 6 years ago when I first started with the company and it still haunts me today.

At the time I was working drive thru and a $45,000/wk store. It was a cold busy december morning. I was the DTR person. Customer pulls up to the window.

We should call her C for crazy mocha Lady.
I will be J for Java Jane

J-Good morning, how are you today?

C does not respond which is typical

J-Alrighty I see that you ordered a venti extra hot mocha, that is $3.75

C-Make sure it's extra hot

J-No problem ( I then holler over to the bar partner to make sure it's extra hot)
I hand her her drink, here ya go, one venti extra hot mocha, do you need any napkins or anything?

C-No this is fine. Thanks

J-No problem. You have a great day and I will see you tomorrow

C then pulls forward just enough for the car behind her to pull to the window. I am able to greet the customer and then all of a sudden something comes flying at me and hits the wall next to me. I look and it's C standing at the window leaning on the ledge outside the window


J-I'm sorry it wasn't hot enough for you. But could you please tone your voice down or I will have to go get my manager


I dutifully go get her and she deals with her, remakes her drink and asks her to never come back again.

~Java Jane


I can totally relate Java Jane, extra-hot customers can be so picky some want their drink to be heated to specifically 215 degrees! Personally after suffering many burns I will not heat milk past 180, which on our lovely mastrena machine is automatic when you press extra hot.

I have had PLENTY of customers argue with me over this and I either do one of two things.

1. lie and say it is whatever degree they want their burnt milk to be (I know this is the easy way out but some people dont understand it is not safe for milk to be over 180)

2. lie and say I dont know how to do that on this machine (again another easy way out!!!)

This is one thing I stick to my guns on, and it is one thing I tell every barista I train, dont bother putting your safety on the line, the scars and blisters are not worth it! I would rather deal with twenty angry customers then fill out an incident report and have someone in pain.


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