Friday, June 5, 2009


I know how convenient it is to have exact change so you can get dollars back instead of a handful of coins. But if you do not have exact change... why would you put your fucking hand into the tip jar to take... no no make that STEAL a penny, a dime, a quarter.

This really bugs me.
It is a HUGE pet peeve.
It also says a lot about how shitty said person is.

You may ask why I think such people are fucking SHIT. Well this is so because that money belongs to me and my coworkers, not said shitty people who can afford to buy starbucks coffee.

Why does that money matter more to us than them? Because some of my coworkers have kids to feed and need transportation money. While I personally dont have any children, i rely on my tips to reload my bus fare card to get me to and from work every day. If my tips go down, I have to start taking money out of my paycheck to pay for the bus, and that does not make me happy.

And you know... I am not completely cruel. I can understand mistaking the tip jar for a take a penny leave a penny cube (since we are not allowed to write TIPS on the cube), but when you see a cube stuffed with dollars and quarters you know DAMN WELL that is not a take a penny leave a penny situation.

And if you are soooo strapped for exact change because change bothers you so fucking much, I would rather have my drawer short four cents.... fifty-five cents... rather than you STEALING from well... ME.

So this is what went down to prompt this angry post.

V = moi
S = stealing customer


( so yadda yadda yadda transaction went lovely, said persons total came to something like 10.09)

V = ok sir your total is 10.09

S = (hands me a ten and then does the find the exact change dance) uh..... uh..... wait i have it here somewhere.... nah I only have quarters. (reaches hand in a jar full of dollars to get out a dime)

V = uh... sir dont touch that those are me and my coworkers tips.

S = (stares at me like I have ten heads) You cant spare a dime from your tips?

V = actually, no we cant, because if I do it for you I have to do it for everyone, and this happens multiple times a day. but I will give you a dime from my wallet if that would help.

S = (smug look, like a 16 year old boy that got laid) yeah that would.



and mind you this is a professional state department worker, not that it matters so much but I can expect teens pulling this crap or whatever but not grown "men."



  1. Yer blogs, Val. Sometimes, they make me laugh, other times... well, dang. I try always to be as nice as possible to folks at stores, just know that there are good folk out there.
    Cheers, and hope yer havin' a good weekend!

  2. I can't believe the douche let you give him a dime. You, a service worker, an hourly service worker who makes $9/hour. Sweetie, you are too nice. I wouldn't have given him a dime. I woulda told him if he didn't like the change, he could leave it in my partners' tip jar LOL